Custom Edible Cupcake & Cake Toppers

You got the cupcakes and cake but not sure about the decorating part?

I am offering custom edible cupake and cake toppers for your sweets!
Now, you can buy just the custom edible fondant/sugar toopers for your sweets!

Toppers are all edible and will be package for a safe ride home. Kept at room temparture and be ready for you to top your sweets!

I can match your invite, theme and customize toppers of a cake topper for your own homemade sweets or store bought desserts.

Need at least 1 week notice but for some projects, up to 2 weeks notice.

Prices start for cupcakes $8.00 for a doz. and small cake (6 inch round) at $8.00 for a topper.

Depending decor style (flat or 3D) prices are higher.

Cupcakes can include an special topper for the birthday, shower, etc. person

Special deals for combo or cupcakes and cake toppers.

Checkout my FaceBook page or go to the CUPCAKES link to look at pics on my Flickr account.

Please email or call for more info on prices.

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