Cakes & Special Bakes

For special events, like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers, or anything where you want lots and lots of cupcakes...we can sit down and talk about an design plan.
You can have a small cake on top of an cupcake tree and have your cupcakes display all around.
For the large events, we will have the cupcake display, deliver it, and set it up all for you! 

For 1st Birthdays, we can make that special cake and also a "Smash" cake for your little one to dive into and make a mess! We can make their smash cake made especially for their tiny tummies out of banana, apple sauce or carrot cake and a frosting that won't give them any belly aches.

We have cake pops and cake balls, they are cake and frosting rolled into an ball and dipped into chocolate and decorated. Stuck with a stick or placed in a neat candy paper baking cup. If you want them for gifts; we can place them in a candy gift box or made into an cake stick bouquet.

Want to give some cupcakes as gifts? Try Cupcakes in a Jar! They are two small cupcakes, placed in an mason jar, sealed and stay fresh and moist for 5 days or more. 
We are now making CUPCAKES FOR DOGS! Our 4-legged friends will have an cupcake made just for them...with carrots, rolled oats, peanut butter and with an yogurt-cream cheese frosting!

For your wedding, we have Dessert Tables! It starts with a cake and cupcakes and then you go from there! Add mini cupcakes, macarons, colorful homemade marshmallows, cake pops, whoopie pies, mini pies, homemade donuts, pie-pops, cheesecake shooters and more!

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